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Bigger is not always better.

Bigger does not guarantee value or success.

As healthcare leaders warily eye the new healthcare economy and the attendant uncertainty that comes with implementation of the multitude of acronyms—ACA, ACOs, ABHE, MD-PA Plans, PHM, etc.—along with the looming reductions in reimbursement, there is a growing sense that the margin for error in developing strategy and making decisions has suddenly gotten a lot smaller.

That is why anyone who operates in the healthcare space must refocus their buying decisions on the value the vendor will actually deliver, not just the size of their organization or the slickness of their brochures.  There are, in fact, times when size and reach is important, but bigger organizations and the bureaucracies that are needed to make them operate effectively, are not always the innovators who will produce the best value.  The best sales representatives do not always represent the best solution. 

A depth of experience and specific guarantees for service, performance, and a willingness to guarantee the outcome tied to professional fees, not just mere words in a brochure or proposal, is an excellent way to define and judge a value proposition.

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