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An “X” painted on asphalt does not communicate much.

An “X” painted on an asphalt street called Elm provides more information but little context.

An “X” painted on an asphalt street called Elm in downtown Dallas helps, but the context is still incomplete.

Looking south across Dealey Plaza. An X on the street marks the position of JFK during the first shot.An “X” painted on Elm Street in downtown Dallas near the grassy knoll, in the shadow of a building that once housed the Texas Schoolbook Depository takes us back to that fateful November day in 1963 when a lone sniper assassinated the President of the United States and seriously wounded the Texas Governor. 

Effective communication requires context and a story to bring meaning.  Great leaders understand the power of storytelling to inspire employees, customers, vendors, and the other stakeholders who will together make the difference between an ordinary company and one that consistently beats all expectations.

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