There are many management tomes that seek to identify the one key component of success.  With it you succeed.  Without it, you fail.

A few include:

  • Strategic vision
  • Superb organizational skills
  • Operational and financial insight
  • Strong culture
  • Execution

I have two personal favorites from this short list: strong culture and execution. They play an important role in our LeadershipInsight candidate screening process for CEOs and other senior leaders.

At one point in my recruiting career, I was of the mind that execution was everything.  It is still important.  If a leader and his team cannot execute, then you can have a great plan, good people with strong operational and financial insight, and still fail.  But over the years of recruiting, I have come to the conclusion that the number one on the list of “must haves” for a successful leader is an appreciation of the importance that culture plays in differentiating an organization from their competitors.  They also must be able to execute – to develop a culture that embodies their mission, vision and values.

George Bradt, the father of the term onboarding, a key strategy for recruiting, enhancing value, and retaining top talent, has written that competitors can steal your best people.  They can copy your processes or move a key product or service to the next level that leaves you marginalized.  But they can never copy or replicate your culture.  It is what makes a company unique – for better or worse.

CEOs who lack a deep understanding of the importance of vibrant, engaging culture and/or an inability to instill a winning formula for their organizations, will fail.  It may be later than sooner but it will happen.

Developing and sustaining a positive culture is not a mystical “you are born with it” quality.   You can learn this.

© 2012 John Gregory Self

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