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Most of the time I enjoy change. Today we are rolling out our revamped web site and unveiling the transition of my healthcare blog, HealthCare Voice, to Making this change is something I have enjoyed a great deal.

As we launch this new site, I promise to make more than an online brochure. We will provide daily healthcare news updates as well as an archive of stories on topics covering a wide array of subjects including healthcare reform, the country’s debt crisis, business model innovation, and career management.

HealthCare Voice will continue on a twice-weekly basis – Tuesdays and Fridays. We will post special editions as events or ideas warrant.

New Offerings
Here is what the new site offers:

  • Daily news briefings
  • More in-depth analysis of important stories such as healthcare reform or the impact of inevitable debt reductions
  • Career management resources, such as the highly regarded JGSA resume guide, as well as blogs on such topics such as managing references, strategies for personal brand management, and the ins and outs of background investigations and credit history

In addition to news updates with links to source documents, will integrate video interviews and news stories. Beginning with a video display on the home page, the video content will be expanded over time. The emphasis of this programming will be on career management and talent acquisition.  Other topics such as healthcare reform and the various legal issues related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will also be featured on the site as video is made available.

The Blog
The blog will continue to be published at its old site during the transition. We are sticking with a twice weekly schedule even though I will admit to missing a couple of Fridays here and there with my busy project and travel schedule. The blog is one of the most enjoyable things I do, after candidate interviews. Most of you know, I am a recovering newspaper writer/reporter. The blog is part of my ongoing rehabilitation that began in 1977 when I left The Houston Post for greener pastures of hospital public relations and, over the years, many other interesting and challenging jobs, including helping implement the first fourteen hospital-based emergency helicopter systems. That was exhilarating, but nothing I did provided me the joy and reward of the news business until I began my recruiting career. I was back in my element. My interviewing skills, I am convinced, are one of the things that separates me from my able competitors. In more than 16 years of search work, I have had only six candidates who did not remain with the client organization through the 36-month C-suite guarantee.

Let me know what subjects you would like for me to cover and I will be happy to tackle the subject in one of my upcoming posts.

Your Input Is Invited
There will undoubtedly be some glitches for the first few weeks. If you identify issues, please let us know by sending an email to

Finally, please let us know what you think of our expanding sections and content. We want to produce a site that not only promotes the value of retaining JohnGSelf Associates to lead your search, but provides useful information that will help you advance your career.

Thank you.

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