They say that a man who does not love a dog has no heart.  They say that a man who hates his job is a lawyer.

I have been lucky in life.  I have always loved my jobs.  I have not always loved the people, but the jobs, yes.  From my newspapering days in Tyler and Lubbock, Tex. to Houston where I worked  in the newspaper business and healthcare, there have been precious few days when I did not enjoy going to work.   

I cannot imagine what it would feel like to spend 75 percent of my waking hours doing work that I hate.  But apparently, there are professions where the professionals feel trapped.  I am not talking about manufacturing or some low-paying job, I am talking about accountants, bankers, doctors and, yes, even lawyers.

When I first heard a lawyer claim that a majority of his colleagues dislike the practice of law, I was more than a little skeptical.  Then I attended a networking dinner for lawyers, and only four of the 12 in attendance  said that they loved what they did — were passionate about — practicing law.

Most said they felt trapped by the income and a lifestyle that afforded  little leeway.   One newly minted partner, a 35-year-old rising star in a large Dallas firm who said he was earning an obscene amount of money, made this startling statement:

“I  absolutely hate this but I only have to do this job for 20 more years and then I can retire.”

As I think about all the people who find no joy in their life’s work, I can’t help but wonder how things must be on the home front – with spouse, family and friends. 

I am also reminded of a long-running soap opera:  One Life to Live.