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Several months ago, I announced that I was going to shift from writing a blog exclusive to healthcare to more general interest issues. I promised that I would get back to you when my plans came together. All I can say is that best made plans are subject to change. So, here’s the deal.

I am going to continue with HealthCare Voice. The focus will remain on healthcare leadership, strategy, career management, talent acquisition, retention, team development, etc.  My brand advisors and some of my valued readers encouraged me not to stray from my original intent. So, I changed my mind.  

HealthCare Voice will continue to appear at least twice a week.  In the near future it will be moved to my website, JohnGSelf.Com which is being expanded by my capable marketing team at Brandnu Marketing, a DFW firm that specializes in helping organizations enhance their brands and grow their businesses.  HealthCare Voice will feature a new design but will offer the same subscription and push distributition capabilities (which means RSS or email alerts). I will get back with you before the site is changed so that you can renew your subscription or RSS feed based on the new URL. I’m just so glad that we enlisted the help of somewhere like FastSpring and their subscription management service ( when we did, as it will allow us to continue raising revenue through this method, and this will be paramount to our success. I just can’t wait until we see more of you sign up to this new and improved subscription.

Plans for a general interest blog in support of my public speaking business are in full swing. This blog will focus on a variety of subjects about which I have a strong interest. More on this later.

© 2011 John Gregory Self

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