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Third in a Series


The best way to prepare for a career of networking and professional network development is to think of recording your efforts much like an epidemiologist would plot the spread of a…for the lack of a better description…disease.  Begin with a root circle and as you are referred on to others, create new circles and plot the relationships. 

You will make a startling discovery during your pursuit of building a vibrant professional network — how people are connected. You may have 10 or 15 root circles but as you add to the tree, it is amazing how many times the branches will cross over and connect with networks from other root contacts.

Here is an example of how this investment can pay off. Just when I think I have seen it all, I see some new improbable link. You can be looking at a position with a top tier system in Seattle and discover that a member of your network was the best man in the CEO's wedding, or that their kids were college roommates.  I see developing a professional   
netwo rk much like I see candidate sourcing, a wonderful adventure, a journey that will  O'Neill, Wayne frequently yield amazing gems.  It is the process of what Wayne O'Neill of Wayne O'Neill   Associates calls "connecting the dots."  Wayne, formerly a highly successful business development executive, now consults with corporations to develop meaningful strategies to identify, win and retain profitable new business. He understands in a way that few do that building a great business requires discipline and the time to identify and build relationships that can step in to support your value proposition.

This is the same principle used in professional network development.  It is an investment in time and effort that builds enormous value over time, and which will yield important results in career advancement, personal professional development and, at the very least, new friendships that will enrich your life and your career. 

If you have questions, please email me at info@JohnGSelf.Com.   Meanwhile, stand by, this is one of my favorite subjects and I will write more on Thursday.

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