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What many executives and managers do not know about producing a credible and effective resume is frequently startling.

I spend a good part of each day reviewing resumes, and frequently complete my work with varying degrees of frustration. Many of my colleagues share this feeling.  It is not a frustration born of ridicule but the realization that these good men and women are hurting their career brand.

There seems to be an intellectual disconnect between the common knowledge that the resume is actually the first interview in the recruitment process, and the lack of clarity and specificity regarding a candidate’s past jobs, their scope of responsibility and value contribution. That candidates are initially included or excluded in the search process based on their resume seems to escape comprehension by far too many executives in the job market.  

Depth and range of experience and value contribution are two of the most important facets of the resume. Lack of clarity or obfuscation –unintentional or on purpose — are two of the most common reasons potentially qualified candidates are eliminated in this first round of candidate screening.

With the continuing high unemployment and shrinkage in the number of leadership and management positions, candidates cannot afford to submit a resume that does not clearly and concisely detail the depth and scope of experience and extols the value of their accomplishments.  When it comes to your resume, if you do not sell yourself, it is highly unlikely that anyone at the candidate screening table will rush to be your advocate.  

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