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Too many CEOs shy away from one strong leadership skill that could make the difference between good and great:  passion.  Passion comes in many forms and shapes, but you must be willing to show it in order to leverage it. 

Today, people are desperate for good, solid leaders they can believe in.  Times are tough and people are scared, or at the very least apprehensive. They worry about their jobs, their retirement, the mortgage, educating their kids — the list is long and important. Most are prepared to go all in for a leader they can believe in.  A demonstrated passionate commitment will cement that trust.

Leaders who are in it for the good of their customers, their organization, and for the good of their team and who can share these commitments with passion, compassion and consistency will get more from their employees and their organizations will consistently produce better, sustainable results.

If you are a senior healthcare leader and you are in it for YOUR greater good, for the advancement of YOUR career, or if you believe that your shareholders are more important than your customers and your employees, may I suggest you consider another career.

Your focus will not serve you well in this era of reform and transformation.

© 2010 John Gregory Self