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Human Resource executives say that the three biggest challenges they face are ensuring that employees are engaged and productive, retaining key talent as the economy recovers, and developing leaders.  More than two-thirds say job stress levels have increased, one-third say that stress is significant.

Controlling healthcare costs is another important challenge, they reported.

This information comes from a Human Resource Executive magazine survey of 802 readers who said that relentless downsizing has hurt the ability of organizations to meet their goals and objectives.

When asked what steps they would take over the next 12 months to boost employee retention, the HR executives said that they would increase employee communication, provide employees with additional training and development, and support employees with career development.

One HR executive who said his company does not have the financial resources to invest in compensation benefits and pensions explained that his company is “showing people on an individual level how they are valued in the organization, and on a macro level, how they can help their organization make a difference in society.”

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