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There are millions of blogs. 
Everyone is competing for attention. 

I am no different.  

Over the past year, I have experimented with a multiple formulas in terms of what
to post, when to post and how often to post. I have monitored my readership metrics
by day of week and subject matter.

With that information, I have decided to change my publication
schedule.  Effective immediately HealthCare
Voice will now publish on Tuesday and Thursdays at 1 AM Eastern Time.  Google will serve as my distribution channel via Email or
RSS feed. 

HealthCare Voice will focus on recruiting, career management and innovative ways organizations can improve talent acquisition.  Finding and retaining top talent is critical to the success of businesses. Yet, most organizations continue to rely on a 50-year-old model — transactional recruiting — that is outdated given the dynamics of our new economy.  HealthCare Voice will provide valuable insight regarding strategies you can use to improve talent acquisition through the use of Transformational Recruiting.

I hope you will continue to subscribe, and share my thoughts
with friends and colleagues.  I hope you
will feel free to
contact me with your comments and suggestions. 

© 2010 John Gregory Self

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