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Onboarding is an important tool that will help organizations improve their recruiting, reduce the opportunity for talent failure — a significant problem for many organizations — and to accelerate and enhance performance of new hires, or newly promoted employees.

As health care enters another period of change, the human capital component of health systems, hospitals and other providers will become very important.  Organizations who recruit and retain the best people will thrive.  Those that do not place human capital as a front-and-center priority probably will not.

Because of the importance of Onboarding, I have been “re-blogging” some of George Bradt’s thoughts on the subject.  For regular HealthCare Voice readers you know that he is the father of the term “Onboarding” and his firm, PrimeGenesis, is a leader in assisting executives prepare for new positions.

George’s contributions to this subject are immense and I value his thought leadership.

Onboarding will be an important part of my presentation to West Virginia Hospital CEOs who are meeting next week in Glade Springs, West VA because it is a key differentiator between transactional recruiting — the most common and ineffective type of recruiting in use today — and transformational recruiting which is based on Onboarding principles.  Transformational recruiting is the future for talent acquisition.