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What seems to be a negative beginning with the headline Give Up is really sound advice, especially for up and coming executives who are trying to leave their mark on the world by engaging in turf battles to expand their profile.  Two things:  the more time you spend on turf battles the less time you are spending on those things that are really important, and, secondly, your overall performance is probably suffering.

With the launch of my new executive search practice, JohnGSelf Associates, that concept  has been front and center for me.  While I am pleased to report that business is good, although as every entrepreneur says it could always be better, I have had to make important choices.  When you are forced to start over, there are hundreds of priorities, but there is time, energy and focus to tackle only a few at a time.   If you follow this blog, you will know that posting less is one of the hard choices I had to make!

Here is the key takeaway: executives should pick their priorities wisely.  Putting the customer first is the best approach.

George Bradt, one of the leaders in the onboarding field, argues that the trying to do too much is not the smart play.  The math does not add up, he argues.

Give Up.