At JohnGSelf Associates, Inc. our search process is built around
the principles of onboarding and is supported with the Topgrading©
interview process.  Over the years, including my work with another firm
where I developed the search system, we have enjoyed exceptional results in
terms of candidate turnover.  

The vast majority of my placements remain with the client for more
than 4.75 years. One global search firm reported that 40 percent of 20,000
placements — or 8,000 senior level executives — were forced out, fired or
quit within 18 months.  

The old search industry model is outmoded but many practitioners
continue to use this 30+ year-old approach.  It is a transactional model
in a business climate where clients, concerned with costs and a lack of accountability, want a transformational approach — value
innovation and shared risks.

Onboarding and Topgrading© together make a powerful,
value innovation combination. 

George Bradt is the father of the term Onboarding, and is one of
the leaders in this field.  

The Right
Role for HR in Onboarding

The Right Role for HR in