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Sixteen years ago, I started an executive search firm, JohnMarch Partners.

Today I am leaving JohnMarch and starting a new firm, JohnGSelf + Partners.

I am proud of my first 16 years in the industry.  With a deep respect for my candidates and my clients and a commitment to innovation and sharing responsibility for the performance of my candidates, I built an impressive record of performance.  I expect to continue that record at JGSA.  Our focus will remain in the healthcare industry – from health systems and hospitals, group medical practices, ambulatory and home care companies, and healthcare related companies who market to that group.

JohnGSelf + Partners will focus on challenging C-Suite and executive search and talent management consulting assignments.  We will provide full-service search services and through consulting, teach our clients how to improve their own internal recruiting processes by sharing a wealth of candidate sourcing and screening secrets that will help them recruit and retain the best talent.  We will advise clients on mission-critical process improvement strategies such as onboarding and talent mapping.

We will offer the innovations I created with my old firm – video summaries of candidate interviews, an in-depth candidate screening process that is second to none, and extended placement guarantees with shared financial risks to demonstrate to our clients that we are their partner, not just another vendor.  We will transform our scope of service from that of a consultant focused solely on the transaction of recruiting, to a center for a wide range of information and ideas related to talent acquisition – a trusted advisor for your future success.

JohnGSelf + Partners will offer more than traditional processes and reputation.  We will deliver exceptional results and lasting value.

I believe that executive search should be transformational, not just a transaction and I will continue to blog about healthcare leadership and talent acquisition.