George Bradt, founder of PrimeGenesis, a consultancy that focuses on executive onboarding programs with the goal of accelerating the success of a new leader, is a true innovator in helping executives successfully navigate the transition to a new job.

In this posting, George once again touches on a point that I have made several times over the past year: that leaders are more effective in building relationships with their two most important constituencies — their employees and their customers — when they use a weekly communications plan.

The importance of message and communication points.

The importance of message and communication points

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The JohnMarch Partners search process is built around the principles of onboarding.  Healthcare clients are increasingly looking at onboarding as a way to overcome the problem that companies in other sectors are experiencing:  up to 40 percent of new executives recruited from outside an organization are fired, forced out or quit within 18 months, according to several national studies.

Our search process has produced results that are four times better than the national average. Healthcare organizations that combine this type of executive search process with an integrated onboarding program will see an improvement in their overall performance.

John G. Self is Chairman and
Senior Client Advisor of JohnMarch Partners.  He is a Co-Founder of the Firm.