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When then Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas was running for President, his War Room led by political operative James Carville crafted a message that resonated with frustrated voters:

“It is the economy, stupid!

Whether you agreed with Gov. Clinton or not, that theme made a huge difference with voters.

For healthcare today, in times of unparalleled challenge, there is a similar call to arms:

It is the people!

Those organizations who recruit, hire and retain the best people will win out in the market.

Human capital, our employees, are our most important asset. Apparently, we buy into that reality since hospitals print that very truth in their annual reports year after year.

We cannot control the actions of Congress, our physicians, or the insurance conglomerates that, for all practical purposes, dictate our financial future with the wackiest of rules. However, we can control the quality of our human capital. When we have the best people we can also control the quality of our care, patient safety, and patient and physician satisfaction.

Human capital – your employees – can differentiate you in the marketplace.

What are you doing to ensure that your people are the best?