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12 November, 2013 Posted by John G. Self
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Speech Topics

These are the primary speech topics John Self speaks about during engagements, but he is always happy to customize each to meet the needs of your event and audience. 


On The Coming Healthcare Crisis:

“In my heart, I’m still a reporter.  I won’t politicize it.  I want to give you both sides, and I will tell you that I think both sides are wrong.”

“Where is the vision of the future when there are radically different economic incentives?”

“Preventable medical errors are killing the equivalent of a loaded 737 every single day. Where is the moral outrage?”


On Building A Career In The Digital Age:

“The digital revolution is reshaping how we manage our careers. It is no longer who you know, it is what you know. And the “what” are the skills necessary to pilot your career brand in a public medium.”


On Leading In The New Economy:

“What are the implications of all the technological changes for families, for CEO’s and for our society? How do you build consensus as a leader with people working remotely that you never see?”

“Leadership is not confined to the corner office. Sometimes it happens at the dining room table or in the church fellowship hall.”



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