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Parents As Career Mentors

10 April, 2015 Posted by John G. Self
My dad was a hard working business owner.  He worked long hours and had great  success as a retail baker.  He did it, first and foremost, to be a good provider for his family and to help his sons to have a life that was better than the one he had. In his youth and […] Read more»

An Employee Engagement Turnaround Story

2 March, 2015 Posted by John G. Self
A wise and seasoned, if not a little cynical CEO I know, once described the payroll process at a former hospital as “distributing cash to zombies” or “paying people for something we are not getting.” In other words, paying employees just to show up. He also described that hospital’s payroll and benefit plan as the […] Read more»

Profound State of Values Disconnect

9 July, 2014 Posted by John G. Self
Values are important.  The further one goes in their career – the higher one rises in an organization – the more important their values (should) become.  Executives make decisions every day.  Their values are in play at every turn, whether they consciously think about it or not. Personally, I believe we should think about them […] Read more»