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Two Big Trends in Healthcare & How They Will Effect Career Management

20 December, 2017 Posted by John G. Self
LISTEN ON iTUNES Today’s Big Idea focuses on two emerging trends that, when combined, will dramatically transform the healthcare industry — from our business model and how we take care of patients, to the impact these changes will have on our careers. What are the two trends that will impact your career as we change […] Read more»

Healthcare Consolidation:  Challenges for Career Management

2 March, 2016 Posted by John G. Self
There are some interesting trends that will impact career management strategies over the next five to seven years. If you are someone who isn’t comfortable with change, now is the time to recalibrate your perspective and begin to prepare yourself for an entirely different career track. Consider these developments. More than 1,2o0 hospitals have merged […] Read more»

Five Healthcare Trends: Huron CEO Forum

19 December, 2014 Posted by John G. Self
The Huron CEO forum frequently produces interesting insights regarding the year ahead and this year is no different with the possible exception that the CEOs seem to be zeroing in on the issues that will count the most. Gordon Mountford, executive vice president of Huron Healthcare says there is a growing sense of urgency about […] Read more»