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Handling A Career Misstep and Subsequent Online Buzz

25 September, 2015 Posted by John G. Self
Bad things happen to good people. Some times those bad things happen through no fault of the good person. There are also times when good people make bad — very bad — decisions that are magnified into epic, career limiting status, especially when the original error is compounded by bad  judgment in trying to alleviate […] Read more»

The Culture, Their Spirit Lives On 33 Years Later

14 September, 2015 Posted by John G. Self
Over the years I have written and spoken frequently about how change in the business landscape effects strategy, leadership skills, executive careers and, indeed, the existence of entire companies. Change takes a staggering toll on companies and people.  If you look at the Fortune 500 from the mid-1950s only 50 or so companies remain on […] Read more»

DREAMS: Wisdom + Action Plan = Success

4 September, 2015 Posted by John G. Self
“If you really want something you have to work for it.  Now be quiet, they’re about to announce the lottery numbers.” – The great American philosopher, Homer Simpson   TYLER, Texas — As we speed to the end of summer this Labor Day weekend, I have been thinking about a line I used in a […] Read more»