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Healthcare: Recession Proof No More; Career Management Rules Will Change

7 December, 2012 Posted by John G. Self
The good news is that the economy is improving. LastFriday’s economic news shows that the economy is growing at a faster rate than previously thought.  The bad news is that we are a long way from anything approaching robust growth, and the continued recovery is actually hanging in the balance as the White House and […] Read more»

The Unreported Jobs Story

12 September, 2012 Posted by John G. Self
Jobless growth is anemic.  The economy is sluggish.  If you are a Republican, it is President Obama’s fault.  Electing Republican leadership will result in great economic gains through tax cuts, spending increases for defense and removal of job killing programs and legislation.  If you are a Democrat, your response is that the President was left […] Read more»

Main Street Vs. Wall Street: A New Day?

16 August, 2009 Posted by John G. Self
HOUSTON (Aug. 16 2009) – Some economists and business strategists are beginning to make the case that the U.S. economy that we have known through the decade of the 90s, extending through the Bush White House years, will be dramatically different as we emerge slowly from this deep economic recession. Read more»