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MBA No Guarantee of Leadership Legacy

16 December, 2013 Posted by John G. Self
Jeremy Zimmer started working in gas stations when he was 14.  By 16 he was managing them.  He dropped out of college at 19.  “I was always a good worker, but I was never a very good student.”  He was running several valet parking stations in Boston. This snippet of a man’s life has all […] Read more»

Career Management, Not Luck

31 July, 2012 Posted by John G. Self
I have had a wonderful career, uniquely varied, filled with multiple successes, some disappointments, but mostly great reward and satisfaction.  I was on the start-up team and served as the first director of Hermann Hospital’s acclaimed Life Flight program in Houston.  I played a major role in setting up the next 13 programs nationally.  I […] Read more»

Are You Doing What You Really Love?

29 June, 2012 Posted by John G. Self
I have a strong belief in the concept of paying it forward.  One of the ways I exercise my belief is by providing pro bono advice to a wide range of professionals – from graduate students and early careerists, to leaders who want a perspective check and to those making career transitions. The first question […] Read more»