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Feds Charge 94 Suspects in Five-city Medicare Fraud Sweep; New Arrests Planned Over Weekend

17 July, 2010 Posted by John G. Self
With Medicare fraud estimated between $50 and $60 billion annually, the federal government is moving aggressively to identify and prosecute physicians, nurses, billers, patient recruiters and business owners who are suspected of defrauding the government. Read more»

A Physician’s Perspective: Reining In Healthcare Costs Won’t Be Easy

17 June, 2010 Posted by John G. Self
Healthcare providers like Dr. Stella Fitzgibbons of Houston are caught in a nasty trap -- trying to control costs of care in a virtual cauldron of conflict with families demanding the best regardless of their financial resources to pay for what Medicare does not cover (which will be less and less) and the potential legal consequences if they fail to do so. Read more»

Lies, Damn Lies and Other Misrepresentations

10 October, 2008 Posted by John G. Self
JOHN G. SELF, Founder JohnMarch Partners | Advisors in Executive Search DALLAS, October 9, 2008 -- I have been telling my healthcare colleagues over the past couple of years that at long last, candidates seem to have gotten the message – that career/resume misrepresentation is a bad idea. After some notable, very public examples – the Notre Dame football coach and the former CEO of Fort-Worth-based Radio Shack to Read more»