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Communicating With Millennials

14 October, 2015 Posted by John G. Self
As healthcare organizations talk and fret about the dramatic changes to their business model driven by a shift from volume reimbursement to value-based payments, they must be asking themselves how their health system, hospital, group practice or ancillary service businesses must change their style and process of communications to appeal to, and connect with, the […] Read more»

CMO Explosion

24 April, 2012 Posted by John G. Self
For years, a full-time Chief Medical Officer was rare and only a handful of positions existed, typically held by a respected physician who no longer wanted, or was unable, to maintain a clinical practice.¬† The number of physicians enrolled in a graduate management degree program with an eye on the executive suite was miniscule. All […] Read more»

4 Questions Physician Candidates Should Ask Recruiters

20 August, 2011 Posted by John G. Self
Physicians, who were once at the top of the healthcare food chain in terms of earnings and importance when I began my career in the mid-1970s, should not be treated less appropriately in the recruiting process than other healthcare executives. But that is exactly what is happening in far too many cases day in and day out. Read more»