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Personal Performance Plans – It’s Not What You Think

21 March, 2017 Posted by John G. Self
“They are on a plan,” as in a performance improvement plan. When we hear that phrase we typically assume that an employee’s performance hasn’t been up to snuff.  “The plan” was developed by a supervisor to document what the employee must do to continue in their job, or to avoid termination.  Being on a performance […] Read more»

How Leaders Can Help Those Who Like Their Comfort Zone

8 December, 2016 Posted by John G. Self
There is an interesting paradox emerging in the world of career management — the desire for comfort – as in one’s comfort zone – while the pace of change is accelerating in almost every facet of life.  Tension exists. This acceleration requires, no demands, a new mindset regarding change, especially when it comes to those […] Read more»

3 Ideas to Avoid A Terrifying Career Dead End

6 December, 2016 Posted by John G. Self
“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”                                                                 ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr., Author   If cash is king for day-to-day business […] Read more»