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Onboarding Leverage

1 July, 2010 Posted by John G. Self
Most recruiters do not involve themselves in the Onboarding process. The absence of Onboarding principles in a search firm's process is a characteristic of the "Transactional" search model that has been in use for more than 50 years, and is still widely practiced today. Read more»

Creating Time While Onboarding

3 May, 2010 Posted by John G. Self
As health care enters another period of change, the human capital component of health systems, hospitals and other providers will become very important. Organizations who recruit and retain the best people will thrive. Those that do not place human capital as a front-and-center priority probably will not. Read more»

Hospital CEO Turnover Costs Company Millions in Profits

11 April, 2010 Posted by John G. Self
One large investor-owned hospital management company has such a high annual rate of turnover at the local hospital level that it costs their investors more than $20 million a year in profit potential using even the most conservative calculations. With thinner margins, bad practices that result in higher costs must be changed. Read more»