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John is an executive recruiter & speaker sharing his thoughts on healthcare, recruiting, digital technology, career management & leadership. 

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The Precious Gift of Inspiration

20 September, 2013 Posted by John G. Self
Who inspired you, that person who encouraged you to become the best you could be? Was it a teacher? Was it an early boss?  Was it someone you met in a later time of your career? For me it was four people.  It began with a rotund journalism teacher with a flattop hairdo and a […] Read more»

Hospitals and Population Health Management: To Survive Or Not Survive

28 August, 2013 Posted by John G. Self
“There is a lot of talk but not a lot of action,” says Rich Williams, Principal of DFW-based Advanced Plan for Health, a nine-year-old population health management enterprise. Hospitals, at least the ones that know that population health management will be one of the biggest game-changers in the last 84 years, are talking, talking, and […] Read more»

Telling A Story

18 March, 2013 Posted by John G. Self
Why am I an executive recruiter?  That is a question that I am frequently asked, given my background — from being a newspaper reporter and the first director of Hermann Hospital’s acclaimed Life Flight program and national marketing manager for the aircraft company, to running a wholesale home infusion therapy pharmacy and the largest private EMS […] Read more»