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Building a Professional Network, Not On-Line Recruiting Sites, Key to Finding a New Job

26 January, 2011 Posted by John G. Self
For unemployed or underemployed executives, sitting in front of a computer screen, submitting resumes and applications on line will not, in all likelihood, produce a job offer. And yet that is exactly what thousands of out of work executives will do today. They will push paper to potential employers and hope something sticks. It is not a complete waste of time, but it is close. Read more»

BIG IDEA: 7 Important Resume Hints

23 July, 2008 Posted by John G. Self
DALLAS, Texas -- The quality of resumes flowing into executive recruiters and corporate employment offices is mediocre and slipping lower with each passing year. To be honest, executive recruiters are historically fussier about resumes than HR departments or the average outplacement consultant. Read more»