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Integrity, Consistency and Walking the Talk

20 September, 2011 Posted by John G. Self
Integrity is a much admired and sought after characteristic in leadership. When you ask board members or employees about the ideal characteristics for a new leader, integrity is almost always number one on the list, rarely lower than number three. So since it so critical, what is it? What does it really mean when a CEO or other leader is said to have great integrity? Read more»

Annual Performance Reviews: The End of an Entitlement

16 August, 2011 Posted by John G. Self
Employees cherish a gross sense of entitlement in the form of their annual performance review and the almost certain yearly raise. In many organizations, this “right” extends to the very job itself, regardless of performance or economic conditions. Read more»

Going Out On A Limb…Not Really

26 July, 2011 Posted by John G. Self
In one of the silliest of debates in the world of healthcare, challenging economic times and the inevitable cuts in reimbursement from healthcare reform and deficit reduction have fueled a renewal of the endless haggling over who is better: not-for-profit or investor-owned hospitals? Read more»