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Sneak Preview: Self-Perspective Podcast

15 March, 2016 Posted by John G. Self
CHICAGO — As we join with more than 4,400 healthcare executives who are attending the annual Congress for the American College of Healthcare Executives, we are taking this opportunity to unveil our new audio podcast, Self-Pespective, which takes its name and content theme from our long-standing career management blog that is published three times a week on […] Read more»

Healthcare Consolidation:  Challenges for Career Management

2 March, 2016 Posted by John G. Self
There are some interesting trends that will impact career management strategies over the next five to seven years. If you are someone who isn’t comfortable with change, now is the time to recalibrate your perspective and begin to prepare yourself for an entirely different career track. Consider these developments. More than 1,2o0 hospitals have merged […] Read more»

Deadly Leadership Virus

26 February, 2016 Posted by John G. Self
The definition of what makes an ideal leader is evolving.  In healthcare that evolution is about to kick into high gear. An A+ leader is one who can excite and energize the troops to help them move through the dramatic shifts in how a business must operate in a global economy.  Jack Welch, former GE […] Read more»