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Graduate Degrees, Professional Credentials and the Resume

13 July, 2017 Posted by John G. Self
Editor’s Note: This is an oldie, but goody. It’ was originally shared in 2012, yet continues to be one of the most often visited posts I’ve ever written.  The use of academic credentials following a candidate’s name is a source of debate, spurred on primarily by those who hold the degrees and want everyone to know. Let’s […] Read more»

Love Blindeth a Critical Eye

9 March, 2017 Posted by John G. Self
Love blindeth the eye of good judgment. When people fall madly in love it is difficult for them to see, or even acknowledge, the oblivious flaws or shortcomings of their newfound companion. Only time, not words of caution from friends or family, will peel away the gauze of bliss from their otherwise critical eyes. When […] Read more»

An Interview with Britt Berrett: His career, the book, life’s lessons and the worst boss in the world [PODCAST]

1 February, 2017 Posted by John G. Self
Listen to today’s podcast here, read the transcript below or subscribe and listen on iTunes. Here are some excerpts from my interview with Britt – On how his style his leadership style has evolved: “For me it’s always been about purpose. Why am I doing what I’m doing and how can I bless the lives of the […] Read more»