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Recruiting:  There Is No Single Formula for Getting It Right

7 December, 2015 Posted by John G. Self
A central question for executive recruiters, or people who hire executive recruiters, is this:  are you filling an order or are you engaging in a comprehensive journey to find a qualified executive who will “fit” in the client organization and deliver sustainable value? As I have written in the past, the vast majority of recruiters […] Read more»

Executive Search: The Model Is Broken

21 February, 2012 Posted by John G. Self
Candidates complain about recruiters – how they do not communicate effectively, how they do not provide real transparency, how they gloss over critical cultural, political and operational issues because to acknowledge them would complicate the search, or because the search consultant simply did not take the time to understand the underlying challenges. Read more»

It Is Time To Dump The Transactional Recruiting Model

17 May, 2010 Posted by John G. Self
We face three challenges in the healthcare talent management equation: 1. A series of changes related to healthcare reform 2. Waves of new balanced budget act-styled cuts in reimbursement that will test the ability of hospitals and physician practices to survive 3. An outdated recruiting process model that is not up to the task to find the quality of leaders necessary to successfully confront these changes Read more»