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Lies, Damn Lies and Other Misrepresentations

10 October, 2008 Posted by John G. Self
JOHN G. SELF, Founder JohnMarch Partners | Advisors in Executive Search DALLAS, October 9, 2008 -- I have been telling my healthcare colleagues over the past couple of years that at long last, candidates seem to have gotten the message – that career/resume misrepresentation is a bad idea. After some notable, very public examples – the Notre Dame football coach and the former CEO of Fort-Worth-based Radio Shack to Read more»

This Is NOT A Time For CEOs To Wait And See

29 September, 2008 Posted by John G. Self
Now is not a good time for hospital CEOs to wait and see. While the modern day equivalent of the great depression may be more of a fear than a reality, there seems to be no question that the U.S. is heading for a period of significant economic slowdown that will lurch into recession territory soon enough. That whistling noise you hear in the background is Main Street walking past the graveyard. Read more»

Succession Planning: Two Perspectives

2 July, 2008 Posted by John G. Self
There are two points of view on the merits of this concept: good and horrible. Supporters, who tout succession planning, often include a cadre of the usual suspects -- executive search consultants and leadership gurus who will profit from this initiative. Certainly there are governing boards and CEOs, primarily at the larger health systems and hospitals, which spend considerable time discussing this topic. The detr Read more»