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Reference Management: Achilles Heel For Many Candidates

23 March, 2012 Posted by John G. Self
The following blog post first appeared in July 2010.  It was one of the most popular I have written.  With leadership turnover in healthcare projected to remain between 16 and 18 percent, we felt the topic was deserving of a re-post. Reference management.  This is a difficult issue for more executive candidates than most people […] Read more»

6 Key Questions to Ask Your Search Firm: Part 2 – Find Out How the Process Works

20 March, 2012 Posted by John G. Self
You need to find a successful leader for your organization, and that process begins with identifying a competent and trustworthy executive search firm. In my last post, you learned what you should demand from a search firm in terms of candidate screening and tenure and performance guarantees. In the second half of this two-part series, […] Read more»

6 Key Questions to Ask Your Search Firm: Part 1 – Candidate Guarantee, Replacement Policies, and Screening Methods

16 March, 2012 Posted by John G. Self
A key executive retires, quits or is fired. You need a replacement, but how do you find that exceptional leader who is the perfect fit for the job? There’s a lot riding on hiring the right person, and getting it wrong costs your organization both time and money. To mitigate these risks, boards of directors […] Read more»