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Tired of Losing Out In Your Job Search? It Is Time To Understand, Master the Secret Sauce For Success

20 January, 2020 Posted by John G. Self
I was frustrated by the fact that some exceptionally qualified and accomplished executives were not selected for positions largely because they failed to communicate their value to the prospective employer in a meaningful and compelling way. Read more»

Sordid Affair In Houston; Epic Failure in Leadership

14 January, 2020 Posted by Admin
This is not the blog I planned for today.  Ever, for that matter. But it is such a compelling story regarding the rules of the game, and how important it is for your organization, and the city you represent for your career to follow them.  It is also a story about a colossal failure in leadership. Read more»

Are You Prepared If You Lose Your Job?

4 December, 2019 Posted by Admin
An astounding number of executives across the country who know how important emergency preparedness can be in protecting the integrity and financial stability of their businesses have no such plans for their own careers. Read more»