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Job Candidates: Don’t Get Caught Flat-Footed

30 July, 2019 Posted by John G. Self
One of the most popular answers to “Tell me about your leadership style” is I am a servant leader. Too often it is said with less than grand enthusiasm, almost a matter-of-fact throw away line. So I began to ask questions about the origins of Servant Leadership and the answers I got were not very […] Read more»

Embrace Your Mistakes In Job Interviews

3 July, 2019 Posted by John G. Self
Remember, the people who are asking the questions are fellow mistake makers. Prepare in advance, briefly describe what happened and then, with a smile and a positive tone, talk about the lessons learned and how the experience made you a better leader. Read more»

Mastering the Telephone Interview, Absent Feedback

26 June, 2019 Posted by John G. Self
I have a friend who is the pastor of a large African American church.  He said one of the most important – and challenging – aspects of being a pastor is his weekly sermon.  A good sermon is the basis for a good week ministering to the flock.  He said the time he spends giving […] Read more»