John is an executive recruiter & speaker sharing his thoughts on healthcare, recruiting, digital technology, career management & leadership. 

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Forget Sinatra, the Beatles, Even Acid Rock…The Next Generation’s Fads Are More About Technology, Less About Music

11 January, 2011 Posted by John G. Self
I have achieved a milestone in my life -- I am now officially a man of a certain age. I knew I had ascended to such a lofty (read: older) position when I found myself about to instruct a son on one of life's profound truths. But before I committed that sin, I caught myself with the thought, 'Oh hell, I sound just like my father!' Read more»

A NEW FOCUS: Executive Recruiting, Talent Acquisition & Career Management

27 June, 2010 Posted by John G. Self
When I began this blog some 149 posts ago, I wrote about recruiting, leadership, healthcare reform, career management, politics of healthcare, quality and patient safety, etc. Virtually everything that touched healthcare and captured my attention made it into this blog. As a former newspaper writer, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back into the routine of writing, and in learning about how to blog. It has certain Read more»

Twitter Is Not A Social Disease

28 March, 2009 Posted by John G. Self
Social networking is sweeping the nation, from college campuses to the halls of staid law firms. That there are valuable business applications for these networks is an important heads up for CEOs, marketing executives, recruiters and those executives who find themselves in the job market. Over the next three to five years, we will see exponential growth in the numbers of professionals who use online networking sites Read more»