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When Apps Crash: Reliability is Key In Good Times and in Bad

21 December, 2017 Posted by John G. Self
When we make something we should make it the best it can be. It is not good enough for it to work reliably in normal use periods, it also has to be something that works reliably even when everything that could go wrong does go wrong. Mobile apps downloads in total are in the billions, […] Read more»

You Have Been Yelped!

6 April, 2017 Posted by John G. Self
You have been Yelped. If you do not understand the significance of this phrase then listen up.  If you run a business — in a big city or small town, it does not matter — what your customers are saying about you is pretty important, especially if you operate a business in which customer confidence […] Read more»

Change: A Gift that Keeps On Giving

16 May, 2016 Posted by John G. Self
VICTORIA, Texas — Change is often uncomfortable.   It is disruptive to our peace of mind, the things we love, but it is inevitable. Over the weekend, I posted on my Face Book page a picture of my first desk-top word processor — a 1950’s Royal Touch Control Manual typewriter. I loved this typewriter as […] Read more»