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I was Laid Off. How Can I Get Around the Search Firms?

29 August, 2019 Posted by John G. Self
The good news is that search firms handle only about 30 to 30 percent of all of the recruiting assignments so you have plenty of real estate to work with. Besides, if you are sitting back and waiting on the recruiting companies for your next position, you may have an awfully long wait. Read more»

Poor Communication Remains A Big Rap Against Recruiters

21 May, 2019 Posted by John G. Self
re there good firms who keep their candidates informed? Yes. Are there scrupulous internal recruiters who care about not wasting the time of their applicants? Absolutely. Some days I just feel, and many candidates seem to agree, the good actors in the search business are badly outnumbered. Read more»

Have you ever caught someone lying in an interview, and what were the consequences?

2 May, 2019 Posted by John G. Self
Yes. Multiple times. Lying about degrees, certifications, employment dates, etc. is less of a problem today. I think everyone FINALLY got the memo that said lying on your resume about the easy-to-catch stuff was really a fool’s errand. Now for the nuanced part of the answer. Lying — or enhancement, if you will — is […] Read more»