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Here Comes the Bride: Stop! Couples Should Discuss Their Career Plans, Career Dreams BEFORE the Big Day

20 January, 2021 Posted by John G. Self
Some careers are easily transferable from city to city, but not all. A husband with a good job that is geographically based may find relocation tough or impossible when it comes to sustaining their career. Read more»

2 Options for Your Job Search: ‘Willy Nilly’ or Strategic

23 April, 2020 Posted by John G. Self
There are two ways to conduct a job search - random, also known in the South as ‘willy nilly’, or strategic, which is to say purposeful. Read more»

Do Not Waste A Single Day, Time’s A Wasting

31 December, 2019 Posted by Admin
en you are 30 you say, no problem, I have plenty of time. When you are 40, same song with a few gray hairs. At 50 you think, I had better get busy but... Read more»