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The Role Leaders SHOULD Play

16 April, 2009 Posted by John G. Self
SAN FRANCISCO (April 16, 2009) – Long airline flights are conducive to swollen feet and great periods of reflection. I have been thinking a great deal about the important role that leaders play in moving their organization to best-in-class status. Or, the blame they deserve when their organization’s fail to deliver. For health system or hospital Chief Executive Officers, best-in-class performance means meeting a Read more»

Military Hospitals: A Deep Pool of Leadership Talent

23 March, 2009 Posted by John G. Self
CHICAGO (March 23, 2009) – As the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) convenes its annual education Congress today, the military is out in force. These healthcare executives from the military’s highly regarded Medical Service Corp (MSC) run our Army, Navy and Air Force hospitals and ambulatory clinics at bases throughout the U.S. and around the world. They are gathering with thousands of their civili Read more»

“Rain” – Lessons From A First Business

15 February, 2009 Posted by John G. Self
As I was flipping through the Dallas Morning News this morning, a small book review caught my eye. "Rain," a new business parable that uses newspaper delivery as a case study.. The author's 10 Customer Service Commandments might apply in this rotten economic environment. Read more»