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The Job of Finding a Job

27 April, 2022 Posted by John G. Self
People hate rejection. That is one of the big reasons why so many job applicants struggle with the recruitment process. Marketing is not their thing and selling themselves is not something they relish. So most rely on submitting online applications, the most ineffective method. Read more»

Finessing Your Resume Through the BOTs

26 April, 2022 Posted by John G. Self
PRODUCER’S NOTE: AI technology and automation dramatically change how applicants look for a new job. Know where that change is more impactful than how you construct your resume. Beware. The internet is loaded with outdated advice. Read more»

Yes, Job Search Rules Do Apply to You

4 April, 2022 Posted by John G. Self
Just as the rules of gravity apply to that foolish daredevil, so do they apply to virtually everyone looking for a job, especially those who submit their resume online. That includes commercial job sites like iHire and Indeed. Read more»