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5 Tips For Texting In Your Job Search

17 May, 2022 Posted by John G. Self
Here are five commonsense rules for using text messaging in a job search. People and their messages are not always legit. Scams are increasingly common in recruiting. Do not give up any personal information until you confirm the legitimacy of the inquiry Be concise and to the point. Believe it or not, some companies conduct […] Read more»

Reduce the Job Search Rejection

4 May, 2022 Posted by John G. Self
PRODUCER'S NOTE: No one likes rejection, but in the job search process, rejection is baked into the system. So why not take steps to mitigate that morale-killing sting? There are no strings to John's offer to help you get you on a positive, winning track. Visit our website and schedule a free call with John. Read more»

2 May, 2022 Posted by John G. Self
PRODUCER’S NOTE: You want to make your job search easier and have fun?  It all starts with you.    How do you expect anyone, especially a prospective employer, to believe in you if you do not believe in yourself? This is foundational.  Read more»