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Procrastination: A Career Killer

17 January, 2022 Posted by John G. Self
By putting stuff off, we reason, lamely, that we will be more experienced and more likely to succeed when we finally take on that challenge. Read more»

Lost Your Job? Two Important First Steps

12 January, 2022 Posted by John G. Self
You’ve lost your job. What are the next steps to finding your next better job? Read more»

Reasons Executives Fail to Become CEO

28 December, 2021 Posted by John G. Self
There are executives who have important leadership jobs. They do those jobs competently, hopeful for career advancement to the corner office. But in many cases, that goal is never achieved. There are many reasons for their coming up short, most having to do with how they manage their brands and how they interview. John G. […] Read more»