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Tell Me Your Story

6 February, 2020 Posted by Admin
Tell me about yourself. That is one of the most common of what I call core interview questions.  It also one of the best questions a job applicant could hope for as a first question.  Why?  Because it is loaded with opportunity for an executive to set the table with a positive image.  It is a wonderful gift. Read more»

BIG DATA (Big Brother) And Your Career

8 October, 2019 Posted by John G. Self
So, this type of program, combined with other Artificial Intelligence technology that is making its way into the employment process, will produce powerful and probably potent tools that will create all manner of new challenges for prospective employees. Read more»

The LinkedIn Conundrum

24 September, 2019 Posted by John G. Self
Given that 93 percent of corporate recruiters use the platform to aid their search for talent and that there is no real other competitive platform that affords the same level of exposure, if you are not on LinkedIn — in a meaningful way — then you are rapidly becoming invisible to recruiters. Read more»