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The ‘Other Four’ Big Career Mistakes

19 July, 2021 Posted by John G. Self
VIDEO BLOG: 60S On Friday, I shared the biggest career mistake many managers and executives make – the failure to engage in ongoing strategic networking even when they are not actively seeking a new job. “I just did not realize how important it was for my career advancement” one executive sadly confessed. Now here are […] Read more»

A Ritzy Degree Is NOT the Secret to Success

13 July, 2021 Posted by John G. Self
o, suppose you did not go to an expensive “named” college or university, not to worry. In the marathon that is your career, it is what you do with your education, your skills, and your imagination that will define your success. Read more»

It’s the Weekend; Time for a Few Smiles

9 July, 2021 Posted by John G. Self