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Got A Minute? Critical Conversation to Have Before Saying ‘I Do!’

19 January, 2021 Posted by John G. Self
Society’s expectations for men and women are different. I think that is total BS, but it does exist, and career-minded young women and men, especially women, who do not thrash out these issues before marriage might find themselves in bitter, gut-wrenching divorce because of an incredible dream job offer years down the road. Read more»

Four Steps to Avoid Being Left Behind

11 January, 2021 Posted by John G. Self
In a tough job market where there are dozens if not hundreds of competitors for every job, you must do these four things to avoid being left on the sidelines, unemployed.   When asked to tell the prospective employer about yourself, use a story that will illustrate your experience, your value and that you understand their […] Read more»

That Big, Dangerous Elephant in the Room

6 January, 2021 Posted by John G. Self
In my more than 25 years of recruiting CEOs and other senior executives, I can count on one hand the number of executives who have initiated a conversation regarding a prospective employer’s culture. Read more»