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Career Plan Key to Your Future Success

12 May, 2022 Posted by John G. Self
PRODUCER’S NOTE: When you broach the subject of change, especially changes that will impact careers, people push back.  They even get angry.  What a waste of time. These epic changes are brimming with opportunities for growth and profit. Read more»

Don’t Be Afraid to Admit Your Mistakes

24 April, 2022 Posted by John G. Self
PRODUCER’S NOTE:  In death, words of wisdom can take on a special meaning.  They did for me as I read Laura Paugh’s obituary in the weekend Wall Street Journal. Watch this 60-second video for rock-solid advice regarding interview preparation.  Read more»

Are You Happy With Your Job?

20 January, 2022 Posted by John G. Self
Are you happy with your career, or are you just paying bills until you die? Read more»