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Career Transition/Outplacement

Job Search: Don’t Put Off Tomorrow What You Can Do Today!

17 May, 2019 Posted by John G. Self
Procrastination is the enemy of a accelerated job search. Read more»

What questions give you the most insight into a candidate?

8 May, 2019 Posted by John G. Self
I always begin the interview with a variation of the “tell me about yourself” question. I found that asking “Who Are You?” is the best way to measure a candidate’s self awareness, and emotional IQ. Read more»

The Job Interview: BIG Bump in the Road for Many Execs

7 May, 2019 Posted by John G. Self
Struggling with the job interview is one of the primary reasons candidates are excluded from a job search. Today, John Self, executive recruiter and interview expert with more 40 years of experience in correctly identifying the best CEO candidates, shares a key insight why executives stumble at this stage in their job search. Learn how […] Read more»