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John is an executive recruiter & speaker sharing his thoughts on healthcare, recruiting, digital technology, career management & leadership. 

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Career Transition/Outplacement

The Impact of Healthcare Transformation on Career Paths

21 September, 2017 Posted by John G. Self
As healthcare transformation gains steam, futurists and talent planning specialists are focusing on the impact of this consequential change will have on jobs — those that exist today and those that will emerge in the future. Click here to subscribe with iTunes.     Read more»

Six Common Mistakes Executives Make When They Are Fired, Laid Off

24 August, 2017 Posted by Becky Pearce
A termination or a layoff is a rattling experience — to your ego, your pride, and conceivably, your financial security. How you manage this dicey period in your career will determine how successful you will be in landing that next better job. Competition for leadership positions is stiff and candidates must be well prepared if […] Read more»

In the Job Market? Six Ideas to Help You Land a Job

14 March, 2017 Posted by John G. Self
Here are  six ideas that will help you land your next job. You must adapt.  If you have not been in a job market within the last three years, be prepared to adapt your job searching skills.  There have been significant challenges since 2014.  If you are being laid off or terminated, wrangle outplacement support […] Read more»